My name is Phil Clark. I have lived in the New Forest area since 1983 after moving here for my engineering career within the defence industry. I have been repairing woodwind instruments since 2004 after attending a course at the Llangunllo School of Musical Instrument Repair. In 2016 I retired from my ‘day job’ in order to become a full time repairer and musician. I am a student member of the National Association of Instrument Repairers (NAMIR) and I run my repair business from my fully insured home workshop in New Milton on the outskirts of the New Forest.

I am an experienced musician (saxophones, clarinet and flute), have been playing for over 40 years, and have a particular love for jazz music.

I have played with many local bands over the years but currently am involved with:

I am also a Christian and a church leader at Living Stones Bible Fellowship after coming to faith at the age of 43 by hearing, understanding and researching The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and concluding that the Bible explains the world we live in far better than any secular alternatives. The single most important decision that anyone will make is whether to accept or reject the message of the Bible as it is related to your eternal destiny. If you have never done so, then I urge you to do a thorough investigation and make your own decision at the earliest opportunity!!