For some preliminary definitions please see this Introduction.

For some guidance about maintaining your instrument and the different levels of servicing/repair available please see my Woodwind Maintenance Guide.

Servicing – scope

  • SHORT SERVICE – the basic price covers cleaning and re-seating (as necessary) all pads, to replace missing corks and felts, point lubrication and regulation of the keywork.
  • FULL SERVICE – the basic price is as for a short service but also covers stripping down the instrument, functionally cleaning and re-lubricating all moving parts, and thread-locking all pivot screws so they don’t work loose and fall out!
  • CHECK & ADJUST – the basic price is to check over and re-regulate the instrument as necessary..

Repairs – scope

  • RE-PAD – the basic price is as for a full service but also includes the labour for replacing all pads. N.B. The charge for the pad set is additional.
  • OVERHAUL – the basic price is as for a re-pad but also includes a thorough cosmetic clean, tightening all the keywork and re-corking/felting all keys and tenons.
  • PLAY CONDITION – there is no basic price as the work required is entirely dependent upon the scope of the damage incurred. Work is charged at an hourly rate.

Additional charges

A more detailed breakdown of what is included in the basic price and what is subject to additional charges is shown in the table below.

Remove all keywork
Dissassemble keywork (e.g. flute pinned keys, saxophone rollers)NoOnly if sticky{Lab}Only if sticky{Lab}Yes
Straighten bent keyworkEasily accessible keys onlyYesYesYes
Functional cleaning (rod screws, hinge tubes, tone holes, bore and pads)Accessible tone holes and pads onlyYesYesYes
Cosmetic cleaningSuperficial (accessible parts only)Superficial (all keys and body)Superficial (all keys and body)Thorough
Tighten keyworkNoCritical keys only{Lab}Critical keys only{Lab}All keywork
Replace corks, feltsReplace any missingReplace any missing/damagedReplace any missing/damagedReplace all
Replace key pearlsReplace any missing{Mat}Replace any missing/damaged{Mat}Replace any missing/damaged{Mat}Replace any missing/damaged{Mat}
Replace springsReplace any broken{Lab,Mat}Replace any broken{Lab,Mat}Replace any broken{Lab,Mat}Replace where necessary{Mat}
Adjust spring tensions (the 'action')Adjusted as necessary for even responseAdjusted as necessary for even responseAdjusted as necessary for even responseRe-adjusted to the customer's requirement
Precision level tone holesFor any new pads required {Lab}For any new pads required {Lab}YesYes
Re-seat re-used padsYesYesn/an/a
Replace padsAs necessary{Lab,Mat}As necessary{Lab,Mat}All replaced{Mat}All replaced{Mat}
De-scale and disinfect mouthpieceAs directed{1}As directed{1}As directed{1}As directed{1}
Check headcork fit, grease and re-fit (flutes)YesYesYesn/a
Fit new sax neck cork, clarinet tenon corks, flute headcorkAs necessary{Lab,Mat}As necessary{Lab,Mat}As necessary{Lab,Mat}Yes
Adjust neck to body tenon joint (saxes), headjoint/foot tenons (flute)As necessary{Lab}As necessary{Lab}As necessary{Lab}Yes
Remove and re-seat detachable bell (saxes)NoAs necessary{Lab}As necessary{Lab}Yes
Regulate & OilYesYesYesYes
Carry out playing testYesYesYesYes
Check tuning with electronic tunerYesYesYesYes
1 year guaranteeNoNoPad work onlyYes
Thorough cosmetic cleann/aOptional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}INCLUDED
Replace all corks and feltsn/aOptional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}INCLUDED
Fit new sax neck cork, clarinet tenon corks, flute headcorkOptional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}INCLUDED
Re-adjustment of the action (heavier/lighter)n/aOptional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}INCLUDED
Use of special pads/resonatorsn/an/aOptional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}
Replace all key pearlsn/an/aOptional extra{Lab,Mat}Optional extra{Lab,Mat}
{Lab} = Additional labour charge applies
{Mat} = Additional materials charge applies
{1} = N.B. Ebonite mouthpieces are likely to turn green/brown after treatment. This is due to normal degradation of the material. Please advise if you do not wish the mouthpiece to be cleaned. Restoration of ebonite mouthpieces is available as an additional service. Please enquire.
N.B. All key corks, felts, lubricants, thread lock and adhesives are included in the price.

For indicative prices please see Price Estimates.